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Who are your customers? How, when and where do you reach them? And how do you keep them engaged, buying and wanting more? And what about new customers? Who and where are they? How do you find them, engage and convert?

What about your your brand messaging? Is it authentic, consistent and personal? Does it inform, empathise and entertain?

And your brand touchpoints? Have you identified and prioritised key customer moments-of-truth? Have you crystalised your brand voice and brand identity? What makes your product or service different? What is your consistent and compelling value-based reason to buy?

If you’re looking for clean, clear and razor-sharp answers to these kinds of broad-based marketing questions, I’d love to help.

I’m a Sydney-based marketing freelancer with more than 20 years’ experience in brand strategy and marketing writing. So whether you’re a small business, established brand or just starting out, I can help focus your marketing lens to build your strong, authentic and relevant brand.

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Creative Mix is a Sydney–based one-stop marketing shop for all sized businesses who want to unlock, build and grow their brand. Founded by Leanne Fine — me — I help small businesses get over the overwhelm, and larger more established brands fine-tune their marketing focus.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, and an Honours degree in Marketing and have worked for more than 20 years in brand strategy, marketing writing and helping brands of all sizes connect and engage with their customers.

My training and experience includes marketing and consumer insights for Sony Pictures and brand strategy at Young & Rubicam. My work has spanned global brands from Star Wars to Lays Potato Chips to Barney the Purple Dinosaur to Danone Yoghurt to Spiderman to Colgate Palmolive, and more. In recent years as a freelancer, I maintain big brand thinking as I work with small to medium sized businesses unlock their brand potential.

And when I’m not writing words or thinking thoughts, you can find me feasting on a TV series, immersed in a book, and/or sipping the not-so-occasional double-shot latte.

I love what I do, and would love to help you build your brand’s amazingness. Start here, start now, let’s build together.



With rare exceptions like bed-socks and scarves, one size rarely fits all. So if you’re asking ‘How much do you charge?’, I’m asking ‘How long is the piece of string?’. We first need to talk — about your brand, your overall marketing objectives, and the scope of work.

But in the meantime, here’s a general overview of how I charge, with flexibility built in on both sides, depending on your specific business needs. I either work on a flat cost per hour, or project cost, or on a monthly retainer as your outsourced marketing resource. Plus you have access to free resources like a 30-minute no-obligation discovery call as well as free newsletters and blogs which cover current industry insights, trends and tips.

So let’s first start with a conversation so that I can learn more about where you’re at with your branding and we can build together from there.