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Your customer has a lot of options. This means your brand needs well-written content to break through the online clutter and be noticed. Yes, the SEO struggle is real, but there is some good news when it comes to getting ranked by search engines like Google.

For organic, or natural Google ranking (not the paid ads which require a monthly budget), it doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small business, an established brand or just starting out because if your digital content both engages your reader and is optimised for search, your content piece can rank high. And there’s no fairy-dust, unicorns or wand-waving involved.

Cue the skilled SEO content writer, both creative brand storyteller and technical rule-abiding creature.

I can help with all this. I’m a Sydney-based freelance content writer and digital marketing strategist with more than 20 years’ experience in brand building and all things marketing. Whether you’re a small business, an established brand or just starting up, I’d love to hear your story so that we can build together, brick-by-brick, click-by-click. Make contact today.



So who isn’t aiming for a page-one Google ranking followed by a shopping cart full of 'yes please'? But for your brand to rank high and your customer to click 'buy', not only does your website need well-written content that is optimised for search, but your customer's User Experience (UX) also needs to be fast, logical and effortless.



How do you keep the ideas flowing to create enticing blog posts week after week that inspire your customer, evoke a response and get Google to rank? While blogs are an ideal opportunity to build trust in your brand, to remain engaging and relevant you need a sustainable and technically sound content strategy.



From scripting to storytelling, make your brand a hero. My services include idea generation, concept development, and script writing to build your brand's online presence. Bring your brand to life through content that educates and entertains. Because it's the big stories, not the small details, that we remember.



If you're looking for a more personalised way to communicate with your target customer, better privacy, and higher conversion rates (with less reliance on third party platforms), then email marketing is whispering 'choose me'. Strategies include list building, segmentation, copywriting, sequences, automation and testing.



Not every brand needs every channel, nor is every brand suited to each channel. So as a start, focus on one social media channel based on where your target customer spends most of their time. To get the best ROI on your spend, collaborate with channel specialists who eat, sleep and breathe data, analytics and measurement.



Because your brand is many things, a page-one Google ranking should not be your only or end goal. Loved, aspirational and strong brands aren’t built on one-click wonders. Your marketing focus and brand’s perpetual goal should be customer loyalty, brand stickiness and raving fans.

Digital marketing is tactical — your how — and should grow out of brand strategy — your why.

Start with breaking down your digital marketing into into bite-size digestible chunks which includes content strategy, social media, your website’s content and User Experience (UX). And it’s not all or nothing, and never all at once (unless you have that Godzilla budget and Harry Potter ability!). Your brand can stand out online and measurably drive conversion by simply doing a few things really well, starting today.



To build a strong brand you need to stay top-of-mind and deep-in-hearts. This means you need to continually create relevant and useful dialogue to stay connected with your customers. And by doing things differently, or crafting a unique angle to a piece of content, a content writer can propel a supposedly ordinary piece of business writing to ‘worth sharing’, and even (albeit rare), springboard a small unknown brand into quasi super-hero status.

But for those of us not quite breaking the internet, storytelling, humour, relevance and tone, all contribute to a more enjoyable read, and help build your brand. And although word count and media channel may change for each brand message, every piece of content should have at least one consistent goal – a call to action.

This is how I can help you. Because well-written content will not only be useful to your customer, but will also help improve your brand’s Google ranking – which ultimately means greater brand awareness, more website traffic, and a better chance that a click will convert to a sale (and you getting one barefoot-step closer to that tropical island).