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While you may know the end-goal in wanting to improve your brand communication, finding a starting point for your copywriting can be overwhelming – whether you’re a big or small business, just starting out, or an established brand. After all, copy is effectively every word relating to your business.

Bye-bye boring is only one of many good reasons to hire a copywriter.

So whether it’s improving your website’s Google ranking through SEO, or a list-building email campaign, or connecting with your customers through regular blogs, one thing is certain: no brand can do everything, or reach everyone, all of the time. Less is more, so much of the time. So start with deconstructing your copywriting goals into bite-size digestible chunks.

Identify brand touchpoints, prioritise their impact, then start copywriting (and copy righting!) from there.

I can help with all of this. I’m a Sydney-based freelance copywriter with more than 20 years’ marketing experience. I write words, string sentences and craft copy. I eat, breathe, and love letters. I exhale them (likeThe Green Mile, but without the scary bits). This is what I do, and I can do it for you.

I’d love to hear your story so that we can fine-tune your brand voice together. Your brand amazingness starts here.



A skilled copywriter can create a clear voice for your brand, which should be authentic, engaging and represent your brand’s core values. As a start, crystalise what your brand stands for, and what ultimate value it offers your customer. This is where brand strategy plays a fundamental role.



To stand out, your brand first needs to stand for something clear. While empathy is the key to your customer’s heart, relevance is what locks you into their minds. To rise above the noise and be remembered, your brand messaging needs to be engaging, cohesive and strategic.



While most people can share information, it takes a skilled copywriter to entertain, engage and enthral - and keep the reader involved and wanting more. An experienced copywriter is able to weave interesting stories about your brand, around your people and through your business.



If you watched AMC’s Mad Men (, you may have a slight sense of what a copywriter does. Enter Elizabeth Moss’ progressive and bobbed character, Peggy Olson. But if you missed those 70+ hours of superlative TV viewing, two things: there should’ve been more of hours of Don Draper, and also, irrespective of the decade, industry or media channel, a copywriter’s reason for being has remained much the same.

A copywriter’s job is to weave words to persuade people to take action – from taking notice, to committing to buy, to falling in love.

So while a lot may have changed since the 1960s, like parenting, underwear, and technology, some things have stayed pretty much the same – like photosynthesis, love and primary colours, and some core copywriting fundamentals.

In fact, break-through, high quality and memorable copy has never mattered more because of today’s increasingly fragmented and overwhelming media landscape. Cue the copywriter, and the vital role that copywriting plays in building your brand.

A skilled copywriter creates connection, connecting your customer to your brand, for the sticky long-term.

To find out more about what else hasn’t changed since the moon-landing, and how the creative technique of copywriting continues to artfully feed into the broader ecosystem of brand building, make contact today.



Whether you’re craving more family time, or community involvement, or just being able to hit the snooze button more often, hiring a skilled copywriter means one less thing on your endless to-do list. And it’s also about horses for courses.

Like tax and dental work, we outsource all sorts of highly specialised services. Copywriting should be no different.

While hiring a skilled copywriter helps build your brand for your long-term, it also frees up more of your everyday time for your existential pursuit of happiness, or just so that you can take your dog for a longer walk on weekends.

I can help with this (not with your dog, although I’m sure s/he’s amazing!). I can help save you time so that you get to do the things you need to, to then get to do the things you really want to.



Successful and mighty brands aren’t built in a day by solving just one thing, or with just one campaign. And a copywriter doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel either, unless of course, the wheel is square. Which if it is, then it’s some serious King Kong tree-shaking time.

But often a copywriter’s job is to simply fix what already exists, with most of the work done, maybe just undertaking a website SEO clean-up, or business blog copy edit-and-polish.

So wherever you are on your business journey, make contact to discuss your copywriting goals. Start somewhere. The road is long. The future is now.